Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?

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Living in a house with cats can make you feel like you’re in the middle of surveillance. Their eyes follow you whether you’re in bed, making dinner, working from your kitchen-table-turned-office-desk, and even when you’re on the toilet. But what exactly does this fascination suggest? Are they gazing in awe at you as their most beloved human? Are they planning their next move?

If you awake to your cat gazing at you during your lay in bed or see him gazing out towards you from the corner Here’s what he might be trying to say.

What is the meaning when Your Cat is Staring at You?

There are two kinds of cat stares that are a “hard gaze” and a “soft look,” says Laura Cassiday, MS, CCBC, ABCCT. They mean completely different things Don’t worry about getting it wrong when your cat is trying to communicate. The two eyes aren’t alike.

Two Reasons Cats Look at Cats

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1. They’re Looking For Something

When your pet is gazing at you with his tail pointing up and ears facing forward, it is considered to be a content body communication Cassiday claims, and he’s probably looking to get something from you. It could be a way to alert you that his food bowl is close to being full He could be seeking chin smacks and time with his favorite toy.

“If you notice a soft smile then reward your cat by offering him something is he looking for,” Cassiday says. “He’s asking nicely!”

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2. They’re scared

Although you may be able to soothe an animal that is staring at you by giving them treats or pats, however, a harsh look is something you must be aware of. A strong stare indicates that your cat is scared or feels in danger, and appears quite different from a content pet who is looking at you.

Apart from watching, Cassiday states that cats that are scared of you may also

  • Make sure that his ears are facing forward.
  • Make sure that his tail is tightly wrapped to his body, or face downwards and perhaps shaking
  • Be present
  • Do you have pupils with dilation?
  • Is he him hissing or growling? Or the lips are licking
  • You don’t blink and continue to keep your eyes on you

Do You Have to Look At Your Cat?

It all depends on the cat’s behavior. at you in a happy or frightened manner. If you notice a long look, it’s crucial to determine the cause of your behavior that could cause your cat to become angry.

“Stay still and boring, then slowly move around and leave whenever you’re able,” she says. “Cats shouldn’t be punished for their way of life, because they’re trying to show that they’re uncomfortable.”

The other way around (or could we call it Paw? ) Cassiday claims that happy cats are generally relaxed when they have a soft eye for people. So if you see your cat staring toward you in the distance, you could be able to mimic that cat’s gaze, especially when you make a few long, slow blinks.

“Slow blinks are similar to “kitty kisses.’ They’re signs of affection since they signal that your cat is confident enough to keep his eyes on your face,” Cassiday says. “I prefer to slowly blink at cats. I might do it first when I encounter a cat who is frightened of me. It’s a great way to say that I am not an enemy.'”

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