Why Does My Cat Look Away When I Slow Blink?

Although cats don’t communicate with us, they can communicate with us in various ways. Vocalizations are an effective method to attract interest or express happiness. However, the slow blink is a different type of communication that can be easily overlooked.

It took me several hours to determine why my cat was acting when she was blinking slowly. Ultimately, I realized she wasn’t blinking because she was tired; it was a way of informing me she was comfortable and happy. When you slow-blink at the cat, they know you’re showing them your love.

But it doesn’t mean your cat isn’t always willing to reciprocate the gesture. It’s common to ask, “Why does my cat look away when I slowly blink?” Your cat is likely to look away due to the following reasons:

  1. You aren’t blinking in the right way.
  2. They trust your complete trust.
  3. The cat doesn’t believe in you as of yet.

The article below will detail these causes, explaining why your cat isn’t communicating with your presence. I also explain what causes the slow blink, whether your cat can understand the reason behind it (the studies prove it! ), and how you can prevent your cat from turning away.

Why Does My Cat Blink Slowly?

There’s no reason to be alone if you’ve just learned about”the blink slow.

I was a cat mother for many years before coming upon the phrase and had no clue what it was. Luckily, the concept behind”slow blink” is fairly easy to grasp (it’s exactly what it is), and you’ll be able to get the fundamentals within minutes!

The slow blink could appear like a normal blink to the untrained eye. It could be slower than normal. However, it’s the closing and opening of eyes. Cats’ eyes are slow to show their trust. It’s an indication that they are secure and at ease with you. Some users have described this slow blink as the feline equivalent of a friendly smile.

Slow blinking has been described as laughing. We all know cats don’t have a sense of humor; however, this doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate things. Cats possess a unique way of expressing mood with humans. Their slow blinking is an opportunity to figure out what is most enjoyable to them!

But make sure you don’t mistake slow blinking for the presence of an eye issue. If, for instance, my cat keeps one eye shut, I can tell it’s probably conjunctivitis instead of a type that is slow to blink. Discharge or redness from the eyes indicates that your cat may need to see a vet.

Do Cats Understand When You Slow Blink at Them?

One of the things that many owners, myself, for instance, would improve about their cats is their capacity to talk with us. Imagine telling your cat how you truly loved and cared about them, and they could comprehend. Now, you can!

A little bit. Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the slow blink is that it’s one of the only ways to talk to your pet using the language of its native! A few years ago study revealed that cats could understand what you say when you blink slowly at them.

The study was divided into two parts: (1) where the cats interacted with their owners and (2) when other cats observed them. In both instances of the study, the results were identical. Females are more likely to slowly blink towards you when you slowly blink at them before. They also were more likely to reach out to a person to pet after seeing slow blinks.

Slow blinking is a good method of communication that could increase our connection with our furry family members. For them, the slow blinking signals that you’re not in danger, making them more likely to come closer.

Why Does My Cat Look Away When I Slow Blink?

I understand that it is difficult when your pet constantly stares away every time you blink your eyes slowly; however, the most beneficial thing to do is to be patient and continue to try. When I first began communicating with my cat, she always looked away. I could tell she trusted me through how she acted and her behavior; however, she could not blink at me!

In the final analysis, I had to go through 20 blinks slowly to convince my cat to continue looking at me, and at the very least, another 20 blinks before she started blinking again! Don’t give up. Most important is to ensure no blinking and continue to try.

However, some cats will not reciprocate the quick blink. This is especially true for rescue kittens and other cats with a difficult past because they are more likely to distrust humans. If this is the case, your cat may require more space. However, you can show love to them, like by playing with your pet.


We have it! A cat blinks slowly at you to let you know that they’re happy, safe, and at ease. When they break eye contact, they show confidence in you and feel confident that they aren’t an enemy. If, on the other hand, my cat is staring at me constantly, I can tell she’s anxious or distrustful of me.

Amazingly, slow blinking is one of the methods to show your feelings to your pet and build confidence between you. Indeed, studies have found that cats are more inclined to slow blink when you show them first! It is not unusual for cats to stare away when you slowly blink them.

Then, why does my cat not look at me whenever I blink slowly? Three major reasons could lie to the reason You don’t know what to do to make your blink slow; either your cat is trusting you or isn’t sure about you. The best thing to do in these instances is to practice slow blinks and remain patient. If you’re unwilling to give up, you’ll get results at the end of the tunnel.

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