Why Do Dogs Wink? The Reasons Might Surprise You

golden retriever puppy lying on white textile

You’re on the sofa with your dog, when you look over her and the dog … winks at you. It’s the way it appears to be. Could this be something real? Possibly. Studies have shown that dogs are connected to their owners by observing the various aspects of our behavior and observing our signals.

Why do dogs snore? Megan Conrad, DVM, is a vet advisor with Hello Ralphie which is a telehealth vet service. She believes that winking can be an act of will with different meanings, but there are reasons for it to be related to health as well.

How Come My Dog Always Wink at Me?

Based on the circumstances depending on the situation, you can interpret dog winning in a variety of ways. “Winking could be an expression of affection or which means that the pet is content looking for attention, or even mirroring their owner if it is something that they frequently do,” Conrad says. Your dog could also be looking at you from behind the sofa by giving you a playful wink, like “Hey what are you doing?” or “I really love you!” sort of moment.

If you’re trying to figure out the meaning behind why the dog wags its tail at you, be aware of the body’s behavior as well. When her tail appears in a high position and waves and she has straight ears, this indicates an interest or a desire to be noticed (similar to when she is pawing at your face).

Dogs who crunch, roll on their backs or slide their tails between their legs are signaling that they’re not a slave. They often make gestures of appeasement similar to these to signal they’re not causing harm. Playing with their eyes, blinking, or winking bowing, lip licking as well as lowering their head and ears are other ways that dogs let the other dogs and you feel they’re excited to be a part of the family.

Do dogs that wink has health issues?

A frequent and repeated blink, particularly in one eye could indicate that something is not right. Dogs are likely to close their eyes frequently in the event of discomfort, light sensitivity, or discomfort. Just like humans dogs blink or wink when they come into contact with an irritant, such as dirt, dust, or hair. Another reason dogs blink is related to signs of eye infections.

“If you observe discharge, an increase or irregular blinking (called blepharospasm) redness or swelling in or around your eyes, or any other injuries, make appointments with your doctor as soon as possible,” Conrad says.

Another reason for frequent blinking and blinking can be entropion which is a genetic eye condition that is a problem for breeds of brachycephalic with pronounced brows plump faces and shorter noses. A few of the largest breeds of dogs suffer from entropion as well. Because the ligaments on the outside corner of their eye relax and the eyelids begin to move towards the side. It’s good to know that this problem is usually corrected through surgery.

In the end, however, it’s an everyday and harmless behavior that dogs are prone to. If your dog has a tendency to smirk It won’t take long to figure out what she’s trying to communicate or communicate, and you could be having fun with her and training her to smile at the right time.

The art of training a dog to wink

If there are not any health concerns, Conrad says winking is an excellent method that you are able to teach your dog. Like any similar reward-based training using a sweet treat as a reward for the behavior assists her in learning.

When you’re asking for an eye wink it is recommended that a verbal command be used, and it can be accompanied by a nonverbal gesture similar to the wink itself, Conrad says. Here’s how it could work:

  • Your dog sitting before you take a moment to touch the opposite side of their mouth with their whiskers. This may trigger an automatic wink response. If this is the case, treat your pet treats.
  • For example, if you want to include an explicit cue, such as “wink,” say it together with the touch at the time she smirks and give her a reward.
  • Through consistent repetition, the technique should allow you to eliminate the touch completely and then simply say the cue and get an adorable wink.

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