Why Do Dogs Get Stuck Together When They Mate?

If you’re just beginning to learn about breeders, you may be apprehensive the first time canines mating. They struggle to break away from one another when they have done the act. What causes dogs to become stuck during mating? It’s known as the copulatory tie, and you shouldn’t be concerned, it’s completely normal. Learn more about the reason why it happens and what it means and when you should take action.

What is the reason Dogs Find It Hard to Get Along After They Get Together?

Dogs are entangled in the final stage of the mating cycle. It’s a common thing that canines do, even foxes and wolves. When they are in a relationship, a section that is located in the penis of a male canine referred to as the bulb gland expands and stops the dog from escaping. In essence, the two are locked in place until the swelling is gone.

“Unlike cats, which are fertile for 21 days. canines only go to a climax twice per year. From an evolutionary point of view, the copulatory tie is a great tool to help in making more of each chance to bear offspring.” Marty Greer, DVM and the author of Canine Reproduction and Neonatology and co-owner of Veterinary Village in Lomira, Wis., states. “It increases the chances that eggs will be able to get semen in the process of pushing them forward, and acts as a plug that keeps semen within the female.”

How Long Can Dogs Remain Stuck in a group after breeding?

The dogs remain together at the point of mating which lasts for up to 45 minutes, according to Greer. The male dog gets off and then ends up rear-to-rear together with the female. The dogs who are new to mating might be a little anxious about being locked up however it’s a normal process. Encourage your dog to remain at peace and remain still until the pair are able to safely break off. This will happen in its own time after the male dog’s arousal decreases.

Do Stucky Dogs Mean that the Female Dog is Pregnant?

The longer the dogs stay together in a copulatory tie the higher the likelihood that semen will get to eggs. However, the possibility of pregnancy in dogs cannot be guaranteed. Greer states, “Just like in people it is not always successful.”

As per the American Kennel Club, A vet can determine whether your dog is expecting through an examination or ultrasound about 25 days after mating. It is also possible to see signs of pregnancy 3 weeks following mating for example:

  • Increased appetite and weight gain
  • Swollen belly
  • Nipples that are larger and darker
  • The vomiting and decreased appetite

If you’re concerned that your dog may have accidentally given birth contact your vet as soon as you can in order to discuss possible possibilities.

Do Neutered Dogs Still Get Stuck?

It’s not uncommon, but it’s not impossible for a neutered pet to be stuck being paired with a female. “It’s more likely when your dog was neutered recently. It’s because he might have higher levels of testosterone than he does later,” says Greer. Testosterone can increase a dog’s sexual motivation and can affect the growth of the bulb gland. Even with less testosterone, it is possible for your dog to get aroused, engage in intercourse and then end the night with an uncontrollable tie.

What to Do If Dogs are stuck during mating

You may be tempted to attempt to separate dogs while they’re in a copulatory tie while mating. However, pulling dogs apart can cause serious injury to the dogs and will not prevent a pregnancy from happening. Instead, you should encourage your dog to stay at peace. Even though the sight of dogs in this uncomfortable position can be painful to you, this is an aspect of mating canines.

To avoid unwanted pregnancy To prevent unwanted pregnancies, keep male dogs from female dogs that are fertile, so mating doesn’t occur. “A female can be fertile for four weeks following the beginning of her first period of heat,” notes Greer. “When that blood-sucking discharge subsides it’s the time she’s fertile.”

Keep in mind that keeping a male dog away from an in-flight female isn’t easy … very challenging Sometimes. Dogs that smell an ovulating female have been recognized for their ability to knock down people as well as break into doors and crates. The most reliable method of staying clear of pregnancy is to sterilize or spay your pet.

Watching your dog get stuck during mating could be difficult to observe however, it’s not dangerous. If you’re planning to breed your dog and you’re looking to breed, a copulatory tie could be an encouraging sign. It could indicate that fluffy bundles of joy may be coming soon.

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