Why Do Cats Rub Against You?

person petting orange tabby cat

Each morning, when I open a new can of cat food that is wet, I am anticipating two things: 1. My cat’s meows that are melodious and sweet extremely happy older cat, and 2. The soft nuzzling of the fur of his body on my pant’s bottom leg. He is a fan of mealtimes and, to me, it appears the expression of his joy and love for his favorite human. It’s more likely to be than the chicken pate that I put on his table.

Your legs, your face your couch, or your cat, cats appear to be awestruck by the way they rub over objects, whether through their cheeks that are smooshy or their entire body. The behavior may appear funny, such as when my cat rubs its tail against the face of my dog however, just similar to head banging there’s a purpose to this behavior.

Two Reasons to The Reasons Your Cat Rubs Items (Including You)

1. Your cat is trying to communicate with you.

Cats are talkers, even when they don’t speak human language. Though cats do enjoy vocal communication, such as meows, hisses, and growls, they usually prefer communicating through body communication. The body language of a feline communicates using their entire body all the way all the way from front paws all the way to the tip of their tails. the tails of the kitty are particularly effective ways to communicate that tell much about how the cat is experiencing. When cats are feeling especially satisfied or are eager to display their happiness or show affection, they can rub their body or tail against something nearby (or their favorite human).

It is interesting to note that two cats who happen to be close pals could engage in this behavior (being social) and sometimes, even lock their tails for a few seconds, to show their appreciation for their friend and check in.

2. Your cat is eager to make their scent known.

Felines are attracted to scents that look like their scents and scents are extremely important for felines (both native and domesticated). They have small glands throughout their bodies, so whenever a cat wishes to reveal information about itself to the world, they rub its glands of scent against objects and spread scents everywhere they travel. If your cat is feeling as if you’re not smelling good (meaning that you’re not like they do), or desires to put your personal scent upon you. They could rub their tails over your body or rub their body with their soft cheek.

Most of the time, if your cat is rubbing their fluffy tail or cuddly body against something, there’s no reason to be in anxiety. If however, your cat appears to press hard against objects, such as you, and this happens with greater frequency or seems to require you to lean against something like they’re tired, book the appointment to see your vet to check for any health issues.

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