Is Your Cat Meowing at Night? What This Evening Chit Chat Means and What You Can Do About It

Our cats attempt to be mysterious, however, they know precisely how to draw attention. But do we really know what they’re looking for? A cat that yowls at night will wake you up to do something specific, so let’s dissect the cat’s communication protocol.

Why Do Cats Moo at Night?

Cats exhibit a specific body communication and, If you pay attention (and take note!) attentively, you’ll discover lots about their moods and emotions, and needs.

For instance, spraying or marking could signal that your cat is anxious or frightened, particularly when it comes to the presence of other cats or changes in their surroundings. A tail wag around your leg indicates that your cat is trusting and affectionate (various tail wags indicate many things!) Even when they are just following your movements or yelling about something. For instance, they’re not feeling well, or think that what you’re doing is fun. Cats, after all.

Why is your cat crying in the evening? Leslie Sinn, DVM, DACVB CPD-KA, DVM, is an expert on animal behavioral issues, the founder of Behavior Solutions as well as an active part of the Daily Paws Advisory Board. She says it simply that they need your help.

“Cats meow for many reasons, but they’re generally looking for to be listened to, food as well as to play from their pet owners,” she tells Daily Paws. “They can also meow when they’re upset or confused, or anxious.”

Imagine how people speak up when they’re angry about something. Cats can be like that too and truly hope that you realize this. Cats can be stressed out by moving illnesses, relocation, and behavior changes as they get older. “If you notice a change in behaviors for your pet, and especially one that is older, bring your cat to your vet for a check-up in order to identify any medical problems, particularly pain-producing ailments, thyroid disease, and the possibility of cognition decline,” Sinn says.

Growing your family by adding an additional baby, dog as well as a baby may also be confusing for your cat, which could make them more likely to meow in the night, and make yowls or other cat sounds when they try to find out what’s happening.

Sinn adds that there’s the possibility that, if your cat isn’t neutered or spayed the cat may be heard calling or towing while looking for an ally and/or warning rivals away. If you suspect that this is the case, schedule an appointment with a veterinarian to discuss the next steps.

How can you stop a cat from waking up at night?

It is crucial to identify the root cause of the reason the cat has been crying during the night. But, there’s a thin line between changing the behavior through the positive effect of encouragement … as well as creating a worse situation.

“For instance, if the motivation is to get the attention that is the case, then responding with a cat’s meow would just increase the chances to disturb your sleep,” Sinn says. The cat isn’t manipulative however, it is true that they can follow our signals to train. Remind yourself that you’ll be leaving your comfy, warm bed every time they call it because they think they’re our good overlords.

Then, turn on your cat’s antenna the next time that your cat doesn’t stop meowing during the night, and listen to their signal:

  • Does your cat run towards the food or treat cabinet immediately after they notice you? “Use a food timer to provide a late-night snack if your cat is causing you trouble due to its desire for food,” Sinn says. “Or offer a food-related puzzle that lasts through into the evening.”
  • When you turn on the lights, do they go through those “zoomies” or flip around? It’s playtime! “Arrange for a 15-minute playing time about an hour prior to it gets to bed,” Sinn says. One suggestion is to move an ornamental feather up and down your pet tree or throw a wet ball of paper on floors, or make an engaging toy to bond with your cat.
  • If your cat is just blinking at you or wants the nearest lap It may be boring and looking for company. “Give your cat some attention throughout the day and reward your cat for peaceful behavior,” Sinn says. “And ensure that their space is properly enriching.” This may include better workout options and games that stimulate.

Sinn says that in general it isn’t recommended to resolve the issue of your cat crying late at night. “However should you have an active, young cat and the owner isn’t able to meet their exercise and interaction needs, a suitable playmate might be an alternative.”

What does it mean when My Cat Meows While They Sleep?

You’ve probably seen this adorable video a few times before adorable kittens meowing when they nap similar to this. Sinn suggests there’s likely no reason to worry.

“I haven’t personally experienced this in my pets,” Sinn says. “But I’d guess that it’s just because they’re in a state of dreaming and singing, just like we do!”

When all of this cat talk has awakened your curiosity on how to solve the amazing puzzles that kitties have, Sinn recommends taking a feline behavior course at Ohio State University and then reading the book The Decoding of Your Cat.

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