If it’s a “Be Mine” candy heart, a fancy diamond engagement ring, or simply being by them for 50 years, there are many ways humans can show their affection for the particular person in their lives. But how can you be sure it’s “the one” for your pet? Here are some tell-tale indications that your pet believes you’re the perfect pet.

It’s More Than Puppy Love

If there’s one word that can describe the dog’s emotions, that word is “expressive.” Dog parents can tell when those large, wide eyes and the swift tail wag, screaming, “Just one more treat, please.” That bowing head, turned away, tells you, “I’m sorry for chewing on the couch cushion.”

Saying they appreciate you are equally expressive. It’s running towards the door as soon as you enter, regardless of whether you’ve been absent longer than five minutes. It’s lying down with their heads in your lap when feeling well. They’re pushing themselves into the blanket to cuddle with you in the cold of the night. OK, this one could have a motive behind it.

Your dog might also want to be near you. All. The. Time. In the kitchen, when you’re trying to prepare dinner, in the bathroom when it’s time to do, or in the living room while trying to tidy the home (except when you’ve got that dreaded vacuum cleaner in operation). They’ll follow your every move, and when you stop moving, they might lean against you or even sit on your feet. Leaning and feet-sitting may have different meanings. However, affection is one of the main motives dogs use to have this behavior.

Whatever they do, the dog clearly knows they are their pet and love you. Cats are the opposite…

Your Cat Probably Does Love You

Some cats are quiet and do not even acknowledge their owners’ presence. However, studies show that they are likely to be in a relationship with you in their ways. Cats are more subtle in their affection toward you. However, there are indicators to be looking for.

Many cats do like to cuddle. Their loud purrs indicate they’re satisfied and happy with you, but it’s crucial to understand they’re only sometimes comfortable. Purrs occasionally suggest that they’re content. If your cat is fond of touching their paws, chins, or cheeks at your body, that indicates that you’re the person they want to be. The body parts are equipped with fragrance glands that are located on them. It’s how they tell others cat owners that you’re your person.

Another indication that your cat is a lover is when they give you gifts. They could be lovely presents like their favorite catnip-stuffed pet or lattice balls. But they can also be the un-nice presents (according to your preferences) such as dead animals — or, perhaps, an animal that’s alive and roaming around your home. The cat you have brought home these presents because you’re part of their circle of friends and wants to give away the “food” with you. They could show how they hunt and encourage you to learn how to hunt together. This is undoubtedly a method to show them the love of their hearts, but it might differ from how you would like to show your love. If not, look into an unbreakable collar with bells to decrease the chance of an unsatisfactory hunt and the macabre gift-giving ceremony.

Pets Can Boost Your “Love Hormone”

Do you realize that you respond biologically to your pet’s showing you affection? Engaging with dogs has been found to increase the amount of Oxytocin — also known as”the “cuddle hormone” or “love hormone” and other neurochemicals. Oxytocin is most famous as a hormone that plays a role in lactation, reproduction, and bonding. However, it is also an effective stress reducer. It’s a hormone and neurotransmitter that sends chemical signals throughout your body, which can cause changes such as decreased heart rate and breathing rate, lower blood pressure, and the inhibition of stress hormones. Studies have demonstrated that when dogs and humans interact positively, similar brain chemical shifts (Oxytocin and others) are seen in all species. You are both happier!

They Love Me; They Love Me Not

Are you a part of a family with multiple humans, and following this blog, you are thinking, “Well, I see those signs but they aren’t directed toward me!” Do your pet run towards you with their toy, only to change their direction in the final second and then throw it away on the feet of another? Does your cat scurry over you to get to the other cat for cuddles?

It’s not unusual for pets to have a favorite human being. Usually, they are the ones who feed them and also give them most of their attention. There may be no way to be “the one” for your pet, but you may become “the other one,” which they play with and get the food whenever “the one” isn’t home. You can attempt to improve the status of your pet by giving them food more frequently or spending more time with them, but you’ll remain “the other one,” and it’s okay.

Their Bond Is Strong

There are a lot of heartwarming stories about the strong connection pets share in their relationships with owners. From one dog that traveled many miles in search of a home to the cat that stumbled upon the new home of his owner forty miles from home, it’s incredible to observe what pets are willing to make to reconnect with their parents.

What was the first time your pet realized they were “the one” for them? Did it happen at first sight when their beautiful eyes sat in yours, looking at the shelter? Did it take some time to get to be friends? Was it the puppy that walked hesitantly to you? Did they suddenly show up at your door one day, and suddenly your home became yours? Whatever the reason, we’re happy that your pet is comfortable and has discovered “the one” for them.

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