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Are you asking yourself, “What kind of cat should I get?” The answer lies in deciding on the breed you’d like to have and where you’d like to adopt your cat and what kind of temperament suits your needs best. When you’re deciding whether you want to take on a purebred cat or a mixed-breed cat it is essential to ask plenty of questions. This includes what breeds are suitable to cuddle or cuddle, and what breeds will be the most fun.

Choose the Best Cat for Your Lifestyle


The first question your self ask should concentrate on the breed of dog or the kind of temperament that will best fit your personal preferences.

Kitten or Cat

The first thing to decide is whether you’d like kittens instead of an older adult cat. While kittens can be playful adorable, cute, and full of life older cats typically require less supervision and might need more cuddles. It is common to know the quirks of an older cat before adopting by asking the rescue vet or rescue.

Long-haired or Short-haired

Do you want to have a short-haired cat or a cat with long hair, or even a breed without hair? The longer the fur the more grooming your cat’s fur will require but it can be an ideal moment to get acquainted with your new cat. Cats with longer hair may also require the hair on their hindquarters to be cut to prevent litter accidents.

For sheds, it is largely dependent upon the type of cat. Some cats with short hair shed quite a bit! However, there’s a handful of breeds that shed less or not as much. They also have specific needs, such as needing baths more frequently. However, in some instances, they might be more suitable for those suffering from allergies.

Cat Color

Have you got a certain style or color that you love? Certain people have a special place for orange cats and others prefer black cats. Every cat has a fan club! If you’re into tabbies you can choose from six designs. While color isn’t a major factor in personality, some people have their own preferences.

Best Cat for Cuddling

There are people who just need a cat to cuddle. Although some breeds can be more tender than others, their levels of cuddling differ between cats. If you value this seek out kittens that purr whenever you are near, instead of hiding. See how an older cat reacts coming up to you. Do they shy away or immediately lick your leg? Be aware that shy cats may still warm up to you and become snuggly over time.

Breeds that are more loving (although not always guaranteed) include Ragdolls Scottish Folds Sphynx, Maine Coons, Persians, Bombays, Tonkinese American Shorthairs as well as Birman. 1 However, mixed breeds can be also affectionate, depending on the cat.

Energy Levels

It is also important to think about energy levels. Certain purebred cat breeds are known to be energetic and playful. For instance, that cat breeds like the Bengal cat is frequently sought-after due to their unique pattern and color. However, the Bengal cat is extremely active and requires plenty of play and exercise as well as places that are high enough that they can climb. 2 If your cat requires a lot of exercises, but isn’t getting it, she could become destructive and begin scratching or spraying. Make sure you research the temperament of the breed to see whether you have the type of pet that it needs.

Purebred or Mixed Breed

Purebred or hybrid cats could be a great alternative. It is easier to anticipate the character and physical characteristics, however, it’s not always guaranteed. Mixed breeds can be more surprising However, they can be healthier due to their genetic diversity. 3

If you are looking for a particular temperament, there is no way to be certain. Although breeds do affect temperament, every cat is unique. Take some time with your prospective kitten or cat and discover what kind of personality they are.

Where to Find Your Cat

There are a variety of possibilities to find your perfect cat, no matter if you’re looking for a purebred cat or a mixed breed.

Animal Shelters and Rescues

You can find mixed breeds and purebreds at animal shelters as well as local rescues. Purebred cats may be offered for adoption since they’re not of show quality or don’t meet the requirements of a particular breed However, this should not hinder them from being fantastic pets.

Many owners take their cats of different breeds or kittens to local animal shelters as well. The reason for this is that they are unable to have the money to purchase the pet or move and are unable to transport their pet. There are usually many cats available when you visit an animal sanctuary or local rescue. Local pet stores might contract with nearby shelters to exhibit their pets in their stores and will usually be displaying a sign in front of the cats, letting you know whether or not this is the situation.

If you are attracted to a cat in a rescue, make sure you ask an employee or volunteer a couple of questions. It is important to be aware of whether a veterinarian has looked at the cat, and whether it is spayed or neutered. It’s also possible to inquire if the institution has any information regarding the background of the cat, such as the reason why the cat was taken into the animal shelter vaccine records, or what kind of food your cat consumes. Although this kind of information isn’t essential to the well-being of your cat it can be useful when trying to ease your cat into the new life he will be living in.

Purebred Breeders

If you’re in the market to have a purebred cat One of the most effective methods to find a reliable breeder is to speak with your family, friends, or acquaintances who have purebred cats. If you’re unable to find the info you’re looking for Ask local veterinarians or animal shelters for recommendations of breeders. After narrowing your search down to two or three breeders, arrange an appointment with each. Make sure to request references as well as meet with the cats of their breeders. An encounter like this should provide you with a good insight into the breeder as well as the cat’s personality.

The purchase of a purebred cat is a major investment that should not be taken lightly. It is essential to have confidence in the breeder before you hand your money. Once you’ve chosen your breeder and are ready to take your cat home, ensure that she comes with vaccinations and lineage papers and should be socialized well since the very first few days of a cat’s existence are essential in the process of socialization.

Preparing Your Home for Your Dream Cat

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When you’ve picked your dream cat, now is the time to prepare your home for the cat. Install the Comfort Zone Diffusers to calm your cat all over the house and plug them into every area where your cat is expected to spend the most time. They release a drug-free and odorless vapor that resembles the cat’s natural tranquil aromas. Install them just a few days prior to the time you return your cat.

Find A cozy couch on which he can cuddle. The cat that is anxious might like an enclosed bed that it can retreat to when they are overwhelmed. Make sure to bring a cushion or a toy from your shelter along so that your cat is surrounded by familiar smells close by. Introduce your cat to the same food he’s eating, so that he won’t have stomach issues. Set your cat’s tree with cat scratchers as well as Window perches for your cat’s enjoyment.

Whether you choose to adopt your cat and whether you opt for either a purebred or mixed breed, it’s essential to ask plenty of questions. Do not worry about not asking enough questions, or that you’re an inconvenience. It’s the rescuer or breeder’s responsibility to respond to your concerns an experienced breeder employee should be prepared to answer all of your questions. Make sure your home is ready for your new pet. In no time both of you will have arrived back home and enjoyed life together.


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