6 Ways Our Pets Help Their Humans’ Health, From Exercise to Diseases Detection

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We’re here to encourage you to get a pet or cat for comfort, love, and endless fun and to improve your health.

When we care for our pets, they help us with our physical and mental health. They offer routine, exercise, and a wealth of fun entertainment from … you know, it’s just … * gestures to everything. *

This is why we witnessed thousands of people adopting pets during the epidemic’s peak and when most of us were at home by ourselves.

“We know those mental health issues were more severe than ever throughout the pandemic. Some people’s symptoms worsened,” Amy Morin, LCSW, psychotherapist and best-selling writer, informs Daily Paws. “For others, there were new signs that appeared. So, I’m not too surprised that so many people went out and said”You know, I’d like someone to talk with that’s not via the phone or in a Zoom conference.'”

Morin serves as the editor-in-chief of our sister website Verywell Mind, which recently released the results of a study that showed nearly 47 percent of people in therapy spend moments with their pets to improve their mental well-being.

She described the large number as a surprise; however, since pets assist us in a variety of ways that it shouldn’t come as a complete shock. Here are some of the benefits that pets can bring to our health:


Pets have to walk, while cats have to be active–and you’re their willing companion to do it all. Exercise has numerous health benefits, including prevention of diseases in weight loss, reducing weight, and even increasing your happiness–and it’s a lot more fun doing the exercise with your furry friend than on your own.

“You gradually forget about the stresses that you face in the course of your day and concentrate on how content your pet is playing Frisbee or playing tennis ball, or whatever,” says Mike Bricker, the operations director of the sanctuary care of Animals in the Best Friends Animal Society.

Stress Relief

Reduced stress is inextricably linked (hand on paw?) with exercise. Dogs who exercise can help decrease stress and reduce the “stress hormone” (cortisol) while also increasing levels of the “feel-good hormone” known as Oxytocin. Even just petting dogs for a few minutes can reduce your cortisol levels.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Of course, regularly exercising with furry companions can lower blood pressure. But pets may be a ” calming effect” on their owners. It is possible to get this benefit by just stroking your dog occasionally, yet evidence suggests that pet owners are generally less likely to have a high blood pressure than those who don’t have pets.

Achieving a Mood Boost

Pets are non-judgmental ever-listening companions that provide unconditional affection. They’re always in the house waiting to spend time with you, no matter what kind of day you’ve endured. They’re the most effective mood boosters and often ease depression, anxiety, or loneliness.

“There’s something about returning to work welcomed by a pet or a feline that can make you feel happy as you step through your door,” Morin says.

Additionally, the daily schedule of eating, playing, ing, and working out can provide pet owners with a “sense of sense of purpose,” she says.

Achieving Comfort

Pets and animals can bring us comfort in the most difficult times. Of which there are a lot these days. That’s why therapy dogs can greatly aid those who have experienced trauma. They’re there to listen, pet, and take your mind off your trauma or worries.

“The dogs truly make an impact,” a therapy dog team leader said to Daily Paws last year.

The process of identifying health Problems

Recently dogs have developed into very adept at identifying COVID-19 symptoms. They also function as the ace diabetic alert dogs and let their owners know that their blood sugar is too low or high. Due to their robust noses, they can even identify certain kinds of cancer.

Does this sound like something that all dogs could do? It’s probably not. But it does rule.

Are Pets Right to You?

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The world of cats and dogs is amazing, and we’d adore them, even if they don’t aid in our well-being. If you’re considering adopting or fostering a dog or cat, consider the benefits of having the pet you’ll likely be able to keep for a long time.

“Are you prepared to accept this task?” Bricker says.

Here are some questions you can think about before you bring your new friend to your home:

  • Can you afford to look after your new pet, including medical costs?
  • Does your lifestyle accommodate pet ownership? Do you have enough time to let them enjoy a fulfilling life?
  • Are you more suited to be a volunteer for animal welfare groups rather than owning a pet for yourself? Is foster care for cats or dogs the best option?

There are many ways to reap the benefits of pet ownership, even in the absence of pets day in or day out.




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